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100% Pure Love

100% Pure Love

Inspired by the Crystal Waters song that shuffled in on my ipod one afternoon, I decided that was exactly what I was giving.  Nothing less than 100% pure love, without discrimination, to everyone’s path I crossed, and most importantlyto myself. I radiated pure divine love, not selectively, but to everyone and everything, equally…with no holds barred.  In every moment, with every thought, I just said to myself, give it love.  Don’t think about it or try analyze how to do it.  I would simply open up and allow myself to sense what love would feel like in my body.

I quickly noticed when I would go off into my own stories and be diverted from love’s flow.  Tension would arise in my body. This tension manifested in several different places over the course of this divine experience.  Sometimes it was in my jaw, my lower back, or my neck.  Always when I would, acknowledge it, go into and fully feel it, then give it love, the tension would release instantly.

Soon this mindset became more the rule than the exception.  Still, it was fascinating to observe the people and energies I most easily opened to in love’s flow, the ones I closed to out of street smarts/protection, and most interestingly,  the ones that triggered me to close from old associations and programs my subconscious learned to operate from, that no longer serves anymore.  For example watching a couple walk past and going off into stories of how I would like a partner, someone to walk with, and what was wrong with me that I haven’t had that experience for several years.  I could see how the closing off that came as a result of this train of thought, kept me from connecting with people in the past.  In this moment, sending love to those shadows within me, I felt a beautiful opening.

This night, the small sliver of the moon was already hanging, laidback, in the sky, hugging a bright planet in it’s arms.  It was unusually potent as it waxed toward the blood moon lunar eclipse. As the sun slipped down towards the horizon it created quite a brillant piece of artwork with mother ocean.  Ah, Swami’s beach, she was absolutely yelling at me to get to her, and I am so glad I listened.

As if all this awareness and nature was not blissful enough, after sometime ‘by myself’, dancing, singing and playing by the seashore, I was greeted by 2 sister shamans.  They had a drum, and began to play and together we sang, danced, laughed and healed.  How blessed are moments such as this!  All this inspiration, led me to play musical mixtress later that evening, sharing the love through the the muscial vibrations at Dance Jam Encinitas that Tuesday night.  Tapping in to the energy that was present, I created a playlist that filled everyone with the love I was feeling and we all became drunk on the magic of it.

Wow, while some days are a struggle to figure out how I will ‘get by’, the magic of this kind of day is something I stash away in my ‘energetic savings account’.  I put it in reserve so that I have something to tap into when things aren’t all “rainbows and butterflies.”

What do you have tucked away for brightening up a rainy day?  What strategies do you use to clear away the shadows?  How do you juice up your love light?

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