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Breathe is Life

Breathe is Life

“There is nothing you can do without moving.”  ~Twyla Tharp

Breathing is the most essential movement we can do.  We breath 25,900 breaths/day, thanks to the diaphragm- your bodies muscle of inspiration and emptying.  It is potentially the most active muscle in the body, innervated by 13 different nerves!  Due to being closely linked to the limbic system, the diagphragm is one of the first muscles to respond to stress, along with the upper trapezius and levator scapula.

If you are tired, stressed, have stomach pain, sleep issues, anxiety, musculoskeletal pain, sit for prolonged periods of time, or have health conditions such as high blood pressure or heart problems, having your breathing patterns assessed is the first step in improving your health.

This amazing breathing dome called the diaphragm, has the ability to absorb excess energy from any organ or gland in the entire system.  Because it is the most active muscle in the body, it is a great place to dump excess energy.  Why?  Because it has the greatest potential to dissipate the stress through its’ constant muscular activity.

Breathing is directly linked to our nervous system.  It has the ability to trigger a stress response or it can help to activate the rest, digest, and repair side of the central nervous system. If there are faulty breathing patterns present, as in most modern day humans, our nervous system is out of balance causing the whole system to suffer.

All of our spinal curves should lengthen when we inhale and shorten as we exhale, this provides a natural rhythmic pumping action for the lymphatic and cerebrospinal fluids, nourishing and cleansing the body as intended.

If you are looking to improve your posture and your health, start by having a skilled practitioner, like myself, assess your breathing habits.  It is a powerful assessment that can simply change your life.

After all, you breath more times a day (and night) than you do anything else including exercise or eating!  Don’t you think it is time to start improving your health and eliminating pain, with every breath you take?

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