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Fabulous Abs in 5 simple moves

Posted on Dec 27, 2013 in About, Canada plavix pharmacies scam, Posture, Weight Loss

Photo credit: Stephen Ujjayi

Did the holidays take their toll on your waistline?  Is your back killing you from too much stress and not enough time to take care of yourself?  Why wait to the new year to get started on your resolution?  This quick Pilates-based abdominal routine takes less than 5 minutes.  Done several times a week, it will have your midsection toned, and your back supported in no time.  Enjoy! read more

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Clomid for men

Posted on Jun 8, 2012 in About, Plavix side effects, Cheapest prices for lasix

I have been blessed to work as the head of Therapeutic Exercise at Rancho La Puerta for the last 5 years as a corrective exercise specialist and Pilates instructor. I wasn’t always so healthy… in fact, by age 25, I had so many health issues as well as depression, that even as an fitness professional I had to seek a solution. The doctors didn’t help, and after looking at many holistic approaches I finally found what worked for me as well as many other people. Today I am free from back pain, neck pain, adrenal fatigue, weight issues, depression and I now teach people how they too can be free from these health issues and many others. As a holistic wellness coach, I focus on athletic and overuse injuries, post-surgical strengthening, along with adrenal fatigue and digestive issues. Clomid for men

Clomid for men

Cialis 20mg

Posted on Apr 21, 2012 in About

Ready to eliminate restriction and pain for good?  Do you desire more energy, clarity and focus?

Naturally Balanced can help get you on track to a healthy, fulfilling and vibrant life.  Our expert guidance, support, and personal attention guarantee you will reduce stress, enhance posture, and feel energized and revitalized. Cialis 20mg

Cialis 20mg

What ignites me?

Posted on May 25, 2011 in About

Slowly I am surrendering to the thought of putting myself out there.  I have been given clear signs and support that this is the right path, but the fear of allowing oneself to be completely vulnerable has been covertly holding me back.  After all it is what stops most of us from fostering this sort of transparency in our daily lives.  The fear that someone might see you cry, the mask we put on with our loved ones to pretend everything is ok when it is not, the fear of being hurt, judged, or condemned in some way, just for embracing and being who you are.  Wow!!! No wonder this journey to living an authentic life is such an adventure. read more

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