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Ordering cialis

Posted on Apr 15, 2015 in Awareness, Digestive Health, Prozac generic, Meditation

How often do you find yourself eating on the move or in front of a computer or TV screen? It is tempting to try and eat by “fitting it in” with other activities. However, not only does this make us miss out on all the sheer pleasure of the food with are eating, but it also can negatively impact our Norvasc side effects. Ordering cialis

Ordering cialis

Dancing Freedom

Posted on Jul 28, 2011 in Dance, Inspiration, Meditation, Cheapest prices for lasix, Self Empowerment

I just completed an amazing and transformative faciliator training called Dancing Freedom.  I am praying for clarity and as to how to best use and teach this practice as a means to support others growth, dreams and prayers and for the support to make it reality. read more

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Tap into your intuition

Posted on Jun 10, 2011 in Inspiration, Meditation, Cheapest prices for lasix

As I have shed so many layers of societal conditioning over the course of the last year, the space it has created has allowed me to reconnect to the earth and to the universal current running through with greater ease and clarity.  This current is always there for us to tap into, to charge up and renew ourselves, deepening our connection to its’ healing powers.  However, abandoning all convention is not necessary in order to tap into this divine current.  Yes, I personally decided to abandon all convention and go back to nature, tapping into its’ precious stores of awe-inspiring energy.  Yet as I continue on this magical journey, I find myself contemplating the challenge of how to create sacred space in otherwise ordinary days and places, of tapping into this flow on a daily basis in the “real world.” read more

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