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Dancing Freedom

Dancing Freedom

I just completed an amazing and transformative faciliator training called Dancing Freedom.  I am praying for clarity and as to how to best use and teach this practice as a means to support others growth, dreams and prayers and for the support to make it reality.

From the website…

This is a space where you can BE YOUR SELF.  You can move however you want.  The only rule here is: You CAN NOT do it wrong.  This is a practice of being more alive.   It’s an opportunity to get to know your body, heart, mind and spirit better.  It’s a community where people who love to move gather to play, pray and grow together.  This is Dancing Freedom.  Welcome home.

Stillness and action co-create each other. The spiritual journey is a love dance in the space within and between. To be one, at peace, and at home, with the cosmic dance is to be free. Though we are already free, we forget… That’s why we practice.  Dancing Freedom practices shine light into the cellular truth of wholeness. We travel somatic, ecstatic and shamanic currents HOME.

Dancing Freedom is a living lineage of embodied awakening.  It has broad and deep foundations in a vibrant mandala of ancient Wisdom Paths:  Western Mysticism, Buddhism, Vedic Yoga, the Essene Way, Deep Ecology, Archetypal and Somatic Psychology, The Path of Reiki, Classsical Tantra, Somatics, Cross-Cutlural Dance, Chi Kung, Native American Shamanism and The New Age.  It offers up something NEW in the synthesis of the living mysteries: the process and practice of living into the mysteries through a body

Ahhhh, it feels so good to find that home is wherever I am, wherever like-minded souls gather, not some physical structure with material stuff in it! Thank you to my new soul family.  May all our prayers be manifest with ease and grace and in a way we can integrate for the expansion of our highest good and the good of all life on this planet. Aho!

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Blessings to you Samantha Sweetwater for putting words to my experiences, for showing me that I am not alone, for being an amazing, powerful, musical, mystical shamaness, and most of all for being human!