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Energize your holiday spirit

Energize your holiday spirit

It happens every year, the holiday season arrives, with its hustle, bustle and extra demands on your time and energy, and you get caught up in the frenzy. I thought I’d offer a few suggestions for mobilizing the energy and enthusiasm it takes to sustain the holiday spirit.

Energize with exercise
Often when crunched for time we economize by skipping exercise. However, in addition to helping us burn the extra calories from all our favorite holiday foods and libations, exercise is energizing and helps keep our stress levels in check. Most habitually reach for more caffeine, but that only contributes to increased anxiety, poor quality sleep, poor concentration and ultimately adrenal fatigue. Instead, get your body moving! A good walk, yoga class or a weight lifting session will help you feel refreshed, clear headed, and more emotionally balanced…and who doesn’t need more of that all the time, but especially during the holidays. 

Prioritize: What are the big rocks in your jar?
Steven Covey’s classic example illustrates the simple point, if we do not identify the big rocks and prioritize taking care of them first, we will find ourself wasting all our time dealing with the little piddly things and never find time for what is most important. Taking care of your health is a “big rock” in my opinion. Let’s face it, how productive and focused are you when you are sick? Putting off self care with the notion of ‘getting through the holidays’ is not doing anyone any favors. Take a moment and prioritize what is MOST important to YOU…those special holiday traditions you share with loved ones, your morning Pilates session or your evening bath ritual… and plan your schedule accordingly.

Restore: Sleep is when your body repairs
If fatigue is the problem, sleep is the answer. Even when there are not enough hours in the day, a few nights short on sleep can do more than just dampen your enthusiasm for those holiday parties. Making a habit of skipping sleep impacts your mental and emotional clarity and is a huge stress to your immune system. You want to stay sharp to finish your to-do’s with grace and ease? Stay balanced so you don’t freak out on your well meaning Uncle Fred when he asks for the dozenth time when you are going to settle down? You want to stay healthy so you are not sick in bed missing out on all the fun at the parties you actually do want to attend? …Then do your best to get your rest!

Remember asking for help doesn’t make you weak, it makes you wise. The holidays are no time to prove you are indeed a superhero, besides we already know you are 😉 Enlist help from family, outsource tasks you don’t like to do (i.e. hanging lights, cleaning up after the big party), simplify when you can (gift cards anyone?) Give yourself a break and remember what this time of year really means to you. Whatever you do, remember to savor each moment as it only happens once.

In Good Cheer,