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Listen to your heart

Listen to your heart

Naturally, the heart is the organ we associate with love and all of the amazing feelings we connect with love.   While perhaps some of us have intuitively known the power of the heart, only now are we beginning to understand both the biological and energetic influences that the human heart has on us every day.  Keep in mind that, in our embryological development, the heart forms first and begins to beat, before the brain.  As we open to this remembering, we understand more clearly the adage, listen to your heart.

Ground-breaking research into the activities and functioning of the heart is being done by the Institute of HeartMath.  Through their research they have demonstrated that the heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body (bigger than the brain people!); that this field can influence the brainwaves of another person without a single word being spoken (come on you know you have had this experience before); and that information generated in the heart’s electromagnetic field is influenced by underlying emotions.

My intuition and experience has been consistently proving this to me for quite some time, and it is AWE-some that there is now science to back this up.  This is not just woo-woo shit people!  The way you can pick up on someone’s vibes reflects this intermingling of the heart-based fields.  Let’s face it we all had experiences of being around someone who we ‘clicked with’ and others who make us want to close up shop and run, right?

Understanding the potency of the EMF of the heart, we can now choose to contribute in a powerful way to a more harmonious experience with all those we encounter.  Cultivating positive energy in your own heart field, allows us to literally radiate these vibrations of gratitude, appreciation, and other positive emotions out to the collective.  This creates cohesion, helping others in your presence entrain to the higher frequency vibrations of love.

Want more?  Check out the video below from the Institute of HearthMath or their website for various other support resources to understanding how to train the powerful tool that is our heart!  Also see this previous post.  Enjoy!

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