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Create lasting change from the inside, out!

Mindful Meals Cleanse

Are you ready for more energy? Less stress? Optimal weight? Pain Relief? Better moods? Sharper memory?


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The program has been designed to fit into your schedule. Upon registration, you will receive the introductory material and course content. You can begin the 12 day cleanse whenever it works for you. If you are ready to experience all of the above, AND to end dietary confusion and finally learn once and for all WHAT FOODS ARE RIGHT FOR YOUR BODY this program is for you.


The Mindful Meals Program includes 21 days of support, including a 12 day cleanse. It is designed to get you back on track to your vibrant, healthy life while providing you with my expert guidance and support every step of the way!


 Here’s how it works…

  1. Gentle Transition Prep Phase

    The cleanse starts with an optional 5 day prep phase which helps you begin the process in a gentle, mindful way, preparing both your body and mind for a healthful cleanse program. Easing into the cleanse by slowly introducing cleanse-supportive foods and just as slowly removing the foods that hinder the body’s natural rejuvenative properties.

  2. Mindful Meals Cleanse

    The 12 day cleanse is a nutrition strategy that informs your meal planning by removing high impact foods that contain such things as gluten, caffeine, sugar and dairy. These foods are replaced with an abundance of delicious, healthy alternatives based on fresh vegetables, green smoothies, gluten-free grains (quinoa and brown rice). Lean meat and fish are optional for those who prefer it. The program is customizable to your needs and desires.

  3. Optional Deep Cleanse Phases

    Twice within the program you will have the option for a deeper cleansing phase where the focus shifts in order to give your digestive system even more of a rest. Meals in these optional phases consist of vegetables, smoothies, broths and juices.

  4. Conscious Food Review Phase

    While the mindfulness of this program has been cultivated throughout, this final phase is where your new found presence with food will help you discover your body’s individual needs….how certain foods make your unique body feel. This phase is typically the most revealing, and life changing, portion of the process.

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Included in the Mindful Meals Cleanse…

heart in heart hands- warm background6 Coaching Support Sessions

At the heart of the program are the training recordings where you will get detailed information about each stage of the cleanse. They are released in perfect timing to support you right where you are at, and allow you to listen in at a time of day that is convenient for you. Receive inspiration, and guidance in these informative sessions designed to take your experience to the next level. In addition you have access to our private community group where you have an opportunity to ask any additional questions that arise.

“Having your guidance every day through the e-mails, and Facebook and having the recordings really made a difference.” – Read Success Stories!

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good food, health and lifeMindful Meals Cleanse Manual + Support Materials

The complete Mindful Meals Cleanse Manual contains everything you need to map the program to your individual needs, including details on each stage of the cleanse, meal planning tips, shopping guide, recipes and more.

“I got a lot out of it…and I’m a Nutritionist!” – Read Success Stories!

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Do it21 Days of Emails with Inspiration & Reminders

Start each day of the cleanse with some perspective on where you are at in the program, as well as some helpful reminders on staying present with your process, and maybe even have a little fun.

“I have become very aware of what I am eating and its effects.” – Read Success Stories!

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Girl in sunflowersPrivate Online Community Chat Group

This is where you get your questions answered! Join us on Facebook in our completely private (secret) Mindful Meals chat group where we can ask questions, receive and offer support from fellow cleansers.

“Thanks Nancy for helping me become aware of how my choices help or hinder my well-being. It feels great to be in conscious control.” – Read Success Stories!

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