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Mindful Meals Success Stories


“Nancy, you have saved my life.  I have become very aware of what I am eating and its effects.  Thanks to you I have discovered a life threatening allergy, cured my stomach aches, given up coffee and gum, and lost weight.”
-Jane C

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“Nancy helped me realize that what works for ME is all that matters, even if it goes against the conventional health advice.  I got a lot out of it…and I’m a Nutritionist!  I have felt more free to “follow my own drum” ever since and I have never felt better.  Thanks, Nancy!”
-Jill Brook, M.A., Diet for Health
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“There were so many benefits and changes that I experienced during the 14 days and beyond.  My energy is so much better.  It had been difficult walking up stairs before and now I am practically running up them.  My mental clarity and mood is extremely better.  I didn’t realize how much my diet was affecting how irritable I was.  Now the little things that had started bothering me don’t.  I was surprised to find out that my body loves the fat in avocados and that I really don’t need very much food each day.  The greatest benefit of all was losing weight.  I lost 9 lbs. during the 14 days and have lost another 3 since then.  I am still working on my digestion and bowel movements, which was my biggest problem when I started the cleanse.  Things are moving much better through my system.  I never get heartburn now, which is awesome.  The bloating is gone.  I lost 3 inches off my waist.  My husband noticed so many changes in me, so he decided to give it a try.  Also, my sinuses are clear most of the time.  I reintroduced a couple of things, like peppers, and they affect my sinuses a little.  It is good to know what foods affect me and how.  Having your guidance every day through the e-mails and facebook and having the recordings really made a difference.  Without your help, I probably would not have made it through the entire 14 days.  The video about how to make smoothies was a nice bonus.  I still have one every morning.  I would have never tried Hemp protein if I had not learned this from you.   I am continuing to use what I learned and will keep you updated on any other changes as they occur.  Thank you so much for helping me to change my life.  I feel 10 years younger!”
~Rebecca Zacharda

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“I must let you know the benefits I am enjoying after following the program. Most significantly are  the reduction of the swelling, pain and limited mobility I experienced in both arthritic knees. I decided to follow  the diet in preparation for a  knee replacement. Eliminating processed foods, wheat, and  sugar from my diet I can now sleep and turn in bed at night without knee pain.  The pain and swelling along my outer left knee is also gone! Moving from a sitting to standing position is practically pain free too!  I’ve always loved vegetable and fruits so adjusting my diet was not too difficult.  The only motivation I need to continue selecting the right foods for me is to shake my legs!  I’ve added eggs and a little parmesan cheese in my kale salads. I now cook with coconut oil, eat amaranth for a breakfast grain, and mix coconut and almond milk for shakes.  I’ve yet to try replacing recipes with almond and coconut flours but will devote time to keeping refined products from my diet.  I did drink a glass of red wine at lunch this past Saturday and woke up with a heavy head the next morning!  I am devoted to beginning and ending the day with warm water and lemon. I fill a thermos with warm water that I drink throughout the morning.  My 3 year old granddaughter studied my face closely then said, “ your wrinkles are almost gone.” Out of the mouths of babes… Thanks Nancy for helping me become aware of how my choices help or hinder my well-being.  It feels great to be in conscious control.
~ J.C. Superior Court Judge

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