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Movement is life

‎”90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine. This would be analogous to a windmill generating electricity.” ~Dr. Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize Winner, Brain Research

This is exactly why if clients are stuck, feeling foggy or dull, I have them stand up and dance! And if they aren’t willing to do that, I ask them to do some jumping jacks. It’s true: Shaking your bottom = Waking up your brain!

I would start each Postural Therapy class I led at Rancho La Puerta by saying, “Movement is life.  Everything that is alive, moves.”  So it seems like it should be common sense that when we stop moving, we start dying.  Yet either this fact is not strikingly apparent to the masses, OR there are just a lot of people in denial and/or in a food/drug-induced coma!  When our physical bodies, don’t get enough movement, we feel stiff, rusty,sluggish and OLD.  This is why we should all find some way to move our bodies that brings us pleasure and gets us sweaty, whether it is dance, running, sex, jumping on a trampoline, or playing a sport.  Whatever floats your boat.  Need some inspiration to get the flow going?  Check out my friend Flow.

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