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Create lasting change from the inside, out!

Workshops & Classes

Learn to listen to your body’s physical, mental, and emotional states and understand the link between them all.  Cultivate the often overlooked skill of listening to your body, as well as the art of interpreting what it is saying.  

I offer dynamic group classes and workshops, as well as customized private sessions, inspired by Pilates, dance, corrective exercise, energy medicine, holistic lifestyle, and play!

Posture for Performance™

A holistic approach to exercise guaranteed to unwind stress, relieve pain, and enhance performance – be it on the job, in the gym, out in mother nature, or for whatever your chosen form of playtime.  Move with ease, grace, and strength. Restore joint mobility and refresh your entire neuromuscular system.  This easy-to-use system includes simple self-release techniques along with core exercises to restore balance, integrity and strength.  Stand taller.  Calm your mind.  Move with ease.  Available in various formats ranging from 1-2 hour workshop to a customized series.  Inquire for more details.

12 week Powerful Posture Program

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