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Create lasting change from the inside, out!

Goodbye Resolutions, Find Peace and Calm for good!

Goodbye Resolutions, Find Peace and Calm for good!

What if this year was the year you said goodbye to making resolutions that, in spite of your best intentions, you know you just won’t keep? Aren’t you tired of banging up against those old patterns of sabatoge that keep you stuck where you are and prevent you from attaining the vitality, vibrancy and joy you have always dreamed of? If you are already getting stressed just thinking about all this, just click the video below for my special new year’s gift to you.

Consider this the year to resolve to simply PAY ATTENTION without judgement of good or bad, right or wrong.  Simply cultivate a deeper awareness of WHAT you do and WHEN you do it, an understanding of WHY, as well as HOW it makes you feel, so that you actually can be AT CHOICE to make lasting change.

Are you ready to see the impact you have always dreamt of for yourself and the world around you? Could it be time to claim radical self-responsbility? The funny thing about that is, it is virtually impossible to do alone!  Having support, accountability, and clear, objective reflections are key to truly breaking through barriers and becoming effective agents of change. Family, community, a spiritual counselor, or a coach are all great resources for this support.

Your willingness is the fuel, however.  You must be willing to be vulnerable enough not only to ask for the support you need to make the shift, but to stay courageously open, even when you slip.

What might be possible if you decide this is the dawn of a NEW ERA, not just another new year?

My personal intentions for this new era involve Simplicity, Synthesis and Understanding.  In order to for me to stay present to these, I realize I must remain peaceful, calm, and centered. For instant support to restore peace to your body, mind, and soul, I invite you to check out the video below.

Sending Reiki hugs and healthy blessings to you!


P.S. Keep your eyes out in the coming days for more details on how I can support you clear out the muck and bring in the light, by finally learning what it means to eat right, for YOU! The exciting new offering, The 14-Day Mindful Meals Program, is guaranteed to help you start this new era off right!


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