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What is cephalexin

Posted on Feb 11, 2014 in Dance, Cheapest prices for lasix, Play

This week be sure to take a moment every day to do what you love. Heck, do this every week  for that matter. I dare ya!  Then just notice how much clearer your mind is, and much better you respond to the stressors of everyday life.  Notice how alive and vibrant your body will feel, and how joy-full you become. Why? Because we are designed for movement, but our lifestyle has trained us to be stagnate. Ick!  Today’s invitation is to push back your chair for a minute or three and get your energy moving.  It could look like doing a few squats at your chair (super brain yoga), or a few neck stretches at your desk, or, my personal favorite, what I call a “5 minute dance break.”  Do it in the morning, do it in the evening, do in the afternoon.  Whenever, wherever, you can fit it in to your day to day routine.  Trust me you don’t have time not to.  All research shows we are more focused, effective and efficient after periods of movement…and meditation. The old Japanese proverb says “We are fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.” and be full of joy, than sit around feeling tired, anxious, stiff or cranky, right? InJOY!
What is cephalexin

Guilt? Struggle? Trust Grace!

Posted on Jan 7, 2014 in Side effects of lipitor, Cheapest prices for lasix, Self Empowerment

Standing in the garden in my front yard tonight, I was reflecting on how my home is like a retreat space. I don’t take advantage of it in that mind state often enough. I don’t need to leave my home to unwind, escape or retreat.

My life is pretty freakin’ epic. Often it feels quite like a magical fairy tale land, with a rose garden, a shady hammock trestle, fruit trees and herb gardens, all outside my bedroom windows. And yes as of one year ago, a fireplace next to my bed!!! read more

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Plavix side effects

Posted on Jan 2, 2014 in Awareness, Norvasc generic, Digestive Health, Plavix side effects, Viagra soft

What if this year was the year you said goodbye to making resolutions that, in spite of your best intentions, you know you just won’t keep? Aren’t you tired of banging up against those old patterns of sabatoge that keep you stuck where you are and prevent you from attaining the vitality, vibrancy and joy you have always dreamed of? If you are already getting stressed just thinking about all this, just click the video below for my special new year’s gift to you. Plavix side effects

Plavix side effects

Fabulous Abs in 5 simple moves

Posted on Dec 27, 2013 in About, Canada plavix pharmacies scam, Posture, Weight Loss

Photo credit: Stephen Ujjayi

Did the holidays take their toll on your waistline?  Is your back killing you from too much stress and not enough time to take care of yourself?  Why wait to the new year to get started on your resolution?  This quick Pilates-based abdominal routine takes less than 5 minutes.  Done several times a week, it will have your midsection toned, and your back supported in no time.  Enjoy! read more

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Neurolymphatic Massage: Natural Remedy To Help In Getting Over a Cold or Clearing Congested Lungs

Posted on Jul 24, 2012 in Plavix side effects

In this new video, I teach a powerful healing technique that can help as a natural remedy to get over a cold or clearing congested lungs using Neurolymphatic Massage.

Please watch the video and leave your comments below so I can help you!

You can also Diovan side effects or schedule a free InBody Wisdom Discovery Session over the phone via my online schedule read more

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Metformin glucophage

Posted on Jul 17, 2012 in Breathing exercises, Energy Medicine, What is augmentin, Plavix side effects, Provigil overnight delivery, stress release

If you are experiencing fatigue, feeling scattered, ungrounded, lacking mental clarity, or feeling overwhelmed, be sure to check out the easy grounding exercise I teach in this video.

Practicing this simple and powerful breathing exercise can have an amazingly positive impact on your physical, mental and emotional well-being when dealing with the stress inherent in our modern day marketplace. Metformin glucophage

Metformin glucophage

Brand cialis

Posted on Jul 14, 2012 in high blood pressure, Pain Management, Posture

Did you know that your posture can affect your blood pressure and causes fatigue, back and neck pain?

Postural therapy is proven to increase mobility, eliminate pain, improve stamina, decrease stress and enhance joint mechanics. In this new video I give you simple and powerful tips on why you need to learn good posture in order to prevent discomfort in the joints, back and neck pain, digestive issues, and even self esteem related issues! Brand cialis

Brand cialis