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Why Can’t Most People Stick to New Good Habit to Support A Healthy Lifestyle & Well-being?

Posted on Jul 11, 2012 in Coaching, Exercise, Holistic Health, Weight Loss

We all know what to do to lose weight: in most cases we need to eat less and exercise more.

We know what to do to have more energy, rest more, exercise, eat well and take life as it comes.

We know what to do to avoid diabetes, cholesterol or high blood pressure: simply eat healthy, eat low sugar and non refined food, get plenty of exercise and sleep. read more

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Fatigue & Exhaustion Can Lead to Illness, 1 Step: Find the Root of Low Energy Issues

Posted on Jul 7, 2012 in Lack of Energy

Are you feeling fatigued, experiencing overall body stress or energy swings? You are not alone. Most people experience some degree of fatigue. It is extremely important to find the cause of your exhaustion before this issues turns into an illness. In this video, I explain the different causes of fatigue and what are the first things you should do when you get those first signs of an energy swing, as well as highs and lows and exhaustion. read more

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Weight Loss: Why Is It Not Working?

Posted on Jul 2, 2012 in Weight Loss

Wondering why you cant’ lose weight? I explain that weight loss is not about counting calories, but can be caused by many other reasons. I share my personal experience in losing weight by healing my adrenals. I have helped many people with weight management and I begin with saliva testing to find out what may cause the imbalance in my clients’ body. Please watch the video and leave your comment below so I can help you! You can also contact me or schedule a free health assessment over the phone with Nancy Parker at read more

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What causes your back pain?

Posted on Jun 28, 2012 in Back Pain, Pain Management

I was just reading in the American Chiropractic Association’s website that right now there are 31 million people who are suffering with back pain. In this video, I talk about some important facts about back pain, the various causes of back pain, and I address some ways to reduce back pain and give overall pain management tips especially for people who are seated at a desk long hours working at an office. Did you know that sitting for extended periods of time has huge cascading effects on the body: from back pain and restricted blood flow to an elevated risk of certain kinds of cancer? I share how my clients are back pain free because of our holistic health coaching sessions. Please watch the video and leave your comment below so I can help you! You can also contact me at nancy @ or schedule a free health assessment over the phone at
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Relieving Neck Pain

Posted on Jun 15, 2012 in Holistic Health, Naturally Nancy, Pain Management

Did you know that when your body slumps you overstress your neck muscles? Many people suffer from neck pain. I used to have such terrible neck pain caused by exercise machines at the gym and I had to heal myself.  As a Holistic Health Coach I help many of my clients who sit long hours at a desk so they too can live free from Neck Pain. read more

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From Back & Neck Pain, Excess Weight, Depression to Holistic Health Coaching

Posted on Jun 8, 2012 in About, Holistic Health, Naturally Nancy

I have been blessed to work as the head of Therapeutic Exercise at Rancho La Puerta for the last 5 years as a corrective exercise specialist and Pilates instructor. I wasn’t always so healthy… in fact, by age 25, I had so many health issues as well as depression, that even as an fitness professional I had to seek a solution. The doctors didn’t help, and after looking at many holistic approaches I finally found what worked for me as well as many other people. Today I am free from back pain, neck pain, adrenal fatigue, weight issues, depression and I now teach people how they too can be free from these health issues and many others. As a holistic wellness coach, I focus on athletic and overuse injuries, post-surgical strengthening, along with adrenal fatigue and digestive issues. read more

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Stillness in the Movement?

Posted on May 28, 2012 in Dance, Naturally Nancy

As a passionately embodied dancer, my preferred path to stillness has always been through movement. However, with a fractured heel bone, the universe has afforded me an amazingly rich opportunity to practice finding movement in the stillness.  What a blessing of a lesson to go from finding stillness only after wringing myself out with big, energetic movements expressed on the dancefloor, to now experience the other side.  read more

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