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You’re not alone


The support you need is always here for you.  It is simply a matter of opening to receive it in the form it shows up in.  This is the lesson I am consistently being reminded of.  When I have an expectation of what it is ‘supposed’ to look like, or am attached to a particular outcome…how I believe things are supposed to be…I block myself from seeing, sensing and receiving what IS showing up.  The self inflicted suffering is a story I can slip into.  Instead I am working to consciously choose to open more deeply to the love that IS here for me, rather than focusing on what is not.   The support we need is alway here for us.  Sometime we just refuse it because it does not fit our vision or script, or perhaps because we aren’t done torturing ourselves yet for whatever reason.  But if we just relax our focus and drop deeper into our senses,  life surprises us.  You surprise you!  If you are ready and willing and invite the unexpected in, then everyday life becomes more of an adventure movie.  You never really know what the next scene is going to be, but somehow you trust that at the end everything that is going to be okay.
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